April 15th 2024

Interview with Grégory Neuvéglise

Grégory Neuvéglise

  1. How SAP uses predictive analytics and which industries seem to absorb them mostly?

    SAP Predictive Analytics are used in an easy and simple way that help to predict future customer needs, detect and prevent threats, and guide frontline decisions with forward-looking insights. The aim is to simplify and automate predictive modelling as much as possible and to provide productivity to data-scientist to build models in shorter timeframe.

    Also, it is open data-mining to business users that don’t have statistical skills and easily integrates predictive models into operational applications such as web sites, marketing campaign management, CRM, ERP (SAP or others).

    SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 is the latest release, available since end of 2014. It embeds the SAP Lumira application for data visualization.

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Interview with Victoria Zagorsky

Victoria Zagorsky

  1. What is Insight MEA and how does it contribute to business analytics and Big Data in the Middle East and Africa?

    Insight Middle East and Africa is the portal for business intelligence, analytics and Big Data professionals in the region.
    Insight Middle East and Africa is committed in its mission to promote the Big Data industry, and in this endeavor provides comprehensive coverage of the industry events, daily updates on analytics related news, career opportunities and training programs. In addition, the digital publication Insight Arabia offers readers relevant articles on the best practices from around the world and interviews with industry thought leaders.

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Interview with Ronit Hanegby Ph.D, Wet-Water, Israel

Hanegby Ronit Ph.D - What is WetWater Company and what services and solutions can offer?

WetWater provides Knowit and Marketit marketing automation applications for campaign planning that is aimed to support marketeers creating fast and fact-based ATL and BTL campaigns. Both applications enable to create Target Base Segmentation.

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Interview with Drew Rockwell (CEO of Lavastorm Analytics)

Drew Rockwell Lavastorm Analytics is a software company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts that also has offices in the UK with customers around the world. In Lavastorm Analytics we build analytics software that makes it easy for business users to pull data together from multiple sources whether it is inside their organization or in the cloud or in websites. That kind of information helps them build new modules and extract new insights. Some of the biggest companies in the world are our customers such as: Telcoms, Financial Services & Utilities but we also have some smaller businesses and some professional services firms who use our software to provide insights that improve their businesses or actually deliver value for their clients.

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