July 18th 2019

Puravankara Group to deploy humanoid robots to handle visitors and their data

The artificial intelligence (AI) backed humanoid robots will be the first touch point for the visitors, which are potential home buyers or customers of Puravankara Group

Bangalore: Provident Housing, a Puravankara Group owned subsidiary plans to deploy two humanoid robots Mitra and Mitri to handle visitors and their data during its in-house expo Bengaluru Home Habba slated between 13 – 15 July here.

The idea is to deploy these two robots during the expo, which will greet and interact with the visitors. The artificial intelligence (AI) backed humanoid robots will be the first touch point for the visitors, which are potential home buyers or customers of Puravankara Group.

The robots use video cameras and voice to interact with the visitors and collect their data information like name, phone number, address, preferred location of residence and other basic information. 

The collected data is then transmitted to company’s CRM and sales application via cloud or SIM based internet connectivity which generates customer insights using analytics and big data to help the sales team understand the behaviours and interests of the potential customers. 

This technology backed automated process aims to speed up customer enquiries, enhance customer engagement and generating leads for the sales team. “By bringing in the element of AI through humanoid robots, we aim to scale up the efficiency of our customer interfaces, brining standardisation of customer experience and institute insightful data to improve the overall business proficiency,” said Anand Narayanan, COO – Puravankara Ltd

For this unique initiative, the company has partnered with Bangalore based Invento Markerspaces, which is the manufacture of humanoid robots. “It is for the first time any real estate conglomerate is integrating AI in Puravankara’s core business with a clear long-term view of making this default setting for better and efficient processes,” said Balaji Viswananthan, Co-founder and CEO – Invento Makerspaces Pvt. Ltd.

Further, Puravankara Group has plans to make its consumer touch point completely online by 2020. 
In fact, Puravankara has increased digital marketing spend to 60-65% from 7-8% in the past years. It is leveraging big data in many of the day to day processes. 

On an annual basis, the company has seen around 400,000 unique visitors to its portal. Using big data and analytics these visitors’ data gets analysed and based on their unique leadscores the sales person is able to contact the potential buyers, informed Narayanan. 

Source: https://cio.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/business-analytics/puravankara-group-to-deploy-humanoid-robots-to-handle-visitors-and-their-data/64961664