December 1st 2023

Navy to focus on big data analytics, artificial intelligence

"The new transition cycle has also resulted in the overall improvement of operational logistics, spares management and forecasting, refit planning and expenditure management," the Navy said.

NEW DELHI: Top commanders of the Navy have finalised a plan to incorporate big data analytics and artificial intelligence into operational functioning of the force and have reviewed the new transition cycle to deploy ships from maintenance to operational spheres.

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Puravankara Group to deploy humanoid robots to handle visitors and their data

The artificial intelligence (AI) backed humanoid robots will be the first touch point for the visitors, which are potential home buyers or customers of Puravankara Group

Bangalore: Provident Housing, a Puravankara Group owned subsidiary plans to deploy two humanoid robots Mitra and Mitri to handle visitors and their data during its in-house expo Bengaluru Home Habba slated between 13 – 15 July here.

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Boomer’s Blueprint: Business analytics … new skills, new services

The successful firm today is more diverse and focuses on skills beyond accounting to provide clients the services they need and want. While accounting has always been focused on transactions, compliance and reporting, firms are learning the importance of business analysts who are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and data to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to leaders and decision-makers. Bridging the gap was certainly one of the key motivators at the American Institute of CPAs for creating the Certified IT Professional credential over a decade ago.

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Survey: Consumers want Amazon-like store experience

Consumers, especially millennials, are increasingly expecting an "Amazon-like" experience when in a retail store environment and that means retailers need to double down on engaging, convenient shopping experience.

That's the findings of a new Euclid Analytics survey, "The Store of the Past Meets the Shopper of the Future: Can Retailers Meet Modern Consumer Expectations?", which polled 1,500 respondents.

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Top 6 Mistakes In Business Analytics Career Transitions

“R” has spent the last 18 months finishing her masters in Predictive Analytics from a renowned university. She had worked for 5 years as an internal medicine doctor for a hospital group. She was a bit discouraged with the health care and insurance systems. She became a doctor because of a push from her family—a family of doctors. But she wasn’t having any fun. She was quite certain that medicine was not for her.

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15 Powerful Examples of Neuromarketing in Action

Neuromarketing is taking the world by storm and has been utilized by almost every major company and university in some way or form. Despite such a widespread influence on the marketing world, many people do not know exactly what neuromarketing is, or how it can be used effectively. The following articles outlines 15 fascinating examples of neuromarketing in action.This blog post has been updated by popular demand, and has been expanded to give you an even clearer idea of how neuromarketing research methods, examples, and definition.

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3 Ways Execution Software Can Enhance Customer Experience

Retail execution software can tangibly improve customer experience.

In order to stay ahead in the crowded market, quality and consistency make up the secret sauce to maintaining a successful brand.

Restaurant traffic is waning, with a dismal 1 percent increase over the past several years. In February alone, traffic fell 3.1 percent, causing restaurants to fear for what’s to come over the remainder of the year. Now, more than ever, is the time to stand out from the masses by making the dining experience the key differentiator from other restaurants.

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